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Duolingo (spec project)

Problem: While Duolingo is a great free app, users need real world experience to consolidate learning on the app.
Solution: Duolingo Thursdays works as a partnership with cafes, restaurants and bars where users can have experiences where staff will speak to you in your chosen foreign language.

Asset 35_3x.png
Asset 35_3x.png

The idea democratises language learning because it means that everyone can easily experience a foreign language, not just those who are wealthy enough to travel abroad.

Users who want to make it clear that they are taking part can wear the badge.

Asset 3.png

Customers can find establishments in their target language via the map. 

Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 10.34.10.png

Posters inviting customers to put their language skills to the test to get discounts will be put up outside establishments.

mock up 2.jpg
duo mockup 3.jpg
duo mockup 1.jpg
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